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Everything You Need to Know about VPS

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An important step is to examine why you need a VPS in the first place. Evaluate the amount of computing power you need for your project and pick your price range. Try to find a VPS that meets both criteria; with Serverhino, this part is easy.

It’s also important to note whether a provider offers any other essential services needed for VPS hosting. Try to find a provider that will give you the full package: backup storage, software licenses, SSL certificates for your website and others.

Lastly, look for high-quality customer support. Pick a VPS provider that will answer all of your questions and solve all problems 24/7. Look for providers that offer multiple channels to reach them and employ real experts instead of chat bots.

Shared hosting is created with the expectation that users won’t utilize 100% of their computing power at the same time. If one of your «neighbors» gets a sudden traffic surge, the extra resources are going to come out of your computing power. This kind of situation is impossible if you use VPS. One user can only work with the resources they’re given; no more, no less.
This isolation also leads to greater customization. Since your actions cannot affect other users in any way, most providers give root access to virtual servers. This means that you’re free to install any operating system and any software you wish. If you need more flexibility to work on your projects, VPS is a reliable choice.

While shared hosting is cheaper than VPS, virtual private servers won’t make a significant dent in your budget. VPS rental is a service with the capabilities of dedicated servers for a much lower price. If you are looking for a hosting platform that’s a step above shared hosting, but still affordable, look no further than VPS.

The main disadvantage of free VPS hosting is that it’s probably not free.

Most «free» virtual servers are only free for a limited period. Once this trial period is over, you’re expect to pay just like everyone else. You could use free VPS servers for the duration of the trial and then cancel it at the last minute. However, the effort that it takes to migrate your data to a new hosting platform and then back out again after, say, 1 month is often not worth it.

Even when VPS hosting is really free, it often comes with additional caveats and conditions. If the choice is between free hosting with severe limitations and a fully functional VPS for an affordable price, it’s better to make that small investment.

Setting up a VPS on your own takes some technical know-how and experience in infrastructure management. However, some providers (including us) offer pre-made images with basic software and tools. This both helps save time and allows users who are less familiar with server management to get to work right away.

You can customize your VPS in terms of operating systems, control panels and other software, dedicated IPs and backup storage. In terms of hardware configurations, we offer pre-made packages that cover the needs of nearly every client. You are free to adjust the configuration within the limits of each package.

If you haven’t found the right VPS package for your project, check out our dedicated root servers. We’re sure you’ll find something you’ll like.

Simply pick your desired OS and we’ll set it up for you. We have a variety of OS licenses for rent, including Linux and Windows. There’s even a free trial version of Windows available.

The easiest way to set up FTP on your virtual server is to use a control panel that supports this function by default. All you have to do is create an FTP account; after that, you can access your server using FTP. Alternatively, you can use your root access to install a separate FTP client yourself.

All users get full root access to VPS servers, meaning you can use whichever control panel you’d prefer. We provide free Webmin licenses with each VPS by default. You can also order cPanel and DirectAdmin licenses on-demand.

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